One highway - a thousand routes

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Air freight

Air cargo shipping is by far the fastest and most effective way to transport goods over long distances. Sometimes air transportation is simply indispensable - for example when it comes to the delivery of perishable goods (food, flowers, animals and medicines) or expensive and urgent equipment.

“Turksib Magistral” LLC has extensive experience in providing scheduled, charter and integrated air cargo services in international and local traffic.

Through the direct contracts with airports and airlines operating in Uzbekistan, we offer our customers affordable and convenient service for the transport of export goods, and a network of trusted agents around the world allows us to provide prompt import from virtually any corner of our planet.

Our operators will select the best route by direct or connecting flight, and also include at your request the whole range of logistics, including customs clearance, work with the shipper and / or consignee, pick-up and delivery of cargo, and more.

Since 2015, our company has been a strategic partner of VOLGA DNEPR Airlines in Uzbekistan. We also have agreements with other operators of charter flights on preferential terms, which allows us to prevent financial losses in such a resource-intensive enterprise as charter air transportation.