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Exhibition logistics

One of the effective ways to promote your product on the market is to participate in exhibitions, both local and international. Especially when the company plans to enter a new market, this method of first acquaintance allows you to get a fairly complete picture of potential demand and get acquainted with the specifics and nuances of the regional sales market and related areas of future activities.

In this case, the logistics of the delivery of samples of your goods and promotional products to the exhibition stand will play an important role in how efficiently, quickly and adequately in cost. After all, this includes accounting, respect for the cargo, speed, customs clearance, verification of documents and the ability to solve pressing issues, as well as good communication at all levels. Experience in organizing such events is also important.

We have been doing this kind of business for about 10 years and have established relations both with exhibition venues and with partners in other countries whose main profile is the organization of exhibition cargo delivery.

If you were visited by the idea of participating in an exhibition and exporting your goods outside of Uzbekistan, or you want to participate in a local exhibition and you need to bring goods from abroad, we will be glad to offer our services at any stage of the process and in any combination!

We are a partner of UZEXPOCENTER in logistics. We have experience in the delivery and clearance of goods for the sites of the Uzexpocenter, the Palace of Youth Creativity, and the International Business Center.

Also we served National Exhibitions of the Republic of Belarus, EXPO Russia.