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Groupage cargo from Europe

Today, groupage cargo from Europe is one of the most convenient and profitable delivery options for small and large batches of goods, as the products of European countries are very popular in the Uzbek market, and the use of this method can significantly reduce transportation costs.

Using of own consolidation warehouses in the Czech Republic and Latvia

Использование собственных складов консолидации в Чехии и Латвии

"Turksib Magistral" carries out the transportation of goods from 1 pallet from various cities in Europe. The volume of the order does not affect the quality of our services. We are consolidating consignments in cargo warehouses in the Czech Republic and Lithuania for their further shipment to the countries of Central Asia. The specialists of our company went through an internship in the Czech Republic and are familiar with the practical process of this activity. 

Комплексное решение всех организационных вопросов

They can always consult you and give useful advices when working with your cargo. After the delivery of goods to Uzbekistan and the completion of customs procedures, we can deliver the goods to their final destination.

Comprehensive solution to all organizational issues

Постоянный мониторинг международной грузоперевозки

Each customer can receive detailed information about the location of the shipped goods at any time. We ensure the safety and security of goods throughout the journey.

Continuous monitoring of international shipping

Cooperation with “Turksib Magistral” will be an excellent choice for those who want to reduce transportation costs.