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Information about the trawl


Information about the trawl:

Tyagach- Mercedes Benz
Engine power: 480 hp
The total axial configuration: 6x4
Number of axles \ wheels:
- Tractor: 3 \ 10
- Trailer: 4 \ 16
Overall length: 22 meters


The length of the semi-trailer: 17500 cm
Width: 300 cm
Loading height:
- Lower area: 60 cm
- Upper floor: 113 cm
Load capacity: 80 tons
20 loops for securing cargo
Paws for the arrival machinery



Parameters trawl with a load allowable for carriage Uzbekistan:
The length of trains: 20 m
The width of the train: 2.55 m
Height train: 4 m
Train weight: 40 tons

In case of excess of one of the parameters that are required to obtain a permit for transportation to the SJC "Uzavtoyul" and coordination with the regional offices of the SAI. With a width of 4 m cargo, you must support police car.

LCL cargo transportation in compliance with the temperature

Company Turksib Magistral carries inside the city, as well as long-distance transport of goods on vehicles Isuzu.
Economical and roomy transportation enables rapid delivery of any goods within the country, minimizing transport costs. Carrying capacity of the car is 4000 kg, the volume of -17 m?, The internal parameters of the body 470 x 205 x 185 cm. Refrezheratornaya installation to withstand temperature conditions to -17 ° C, which makes it possible to transport any goods, including food, medicines and other perishable goods . We offer transportation to any city in the republic, carrying cargo consolidation of multiple recipients, delivery of goods to the air, railway and automotive terminals and customs warehouses for non-cash calculation.