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Multimodal freight transportation

Multimodal freight transportation is the transportation of goods using various modes of transport on the basis of one contract of carriage. The main advantage of this type of cargo transportation is the maximum use of the advantages of various vehicles, due to their competent combination. Cargo during multimodal transportation can travel any distance, including between continents.

The Republic of Uzbekistan has a unique geopolitical position. Having no direct access to the oceans, Uzbekistan is surrounded by countries that also have no access to the oceans. Therefore, multimodal transportation of goods is so relevant. The routes are especially popular: “sea vessel + car”, “sea vessel + railroad”, “railway + car”.


“Turksib Magistral” LLC has been successfully carrying out multimodal cargo transportation since 2008. The main advantage of such cargo transportation is the presence of a single responsible person throughout the route. Working with one operator represented by our company saves time, finances and nerves of our valued customers. Each transportation order has special requirements for the cargo, the route and the speed of delivery. By concluding an agreement on multimodal transportation with our company, you will get rid of solving many complex technical issues that may arise in the process of such complex work.

“Turksib Magistral” LLC will offer door-to-door delivery taking into account transport infrastructure, environmental conditions, customs regulations of countries along the route, comfort of unloading / loading of a particular region.

We have successful experience working with various cargoes, including combined, oversized, heavy, as well as requiring special transportation conditions. To fulfill the wishes and requirements for the transportation of our customers, an important rule for us. We never looked for easy ways, difficulties and problems are always solved, and their solution gives us confidence, knowledge and invaluable experience.


The cost of the proposed multimodal transportation has the following feature: if the delivery time is important, the route will be the same and the price will be appropriate, or, conversely, when the financial side comes first, then a cheaper type of transport will be used, but a longer trip.

Our operators will offer you various options for the delivery of goods, help you choose the best route for the price / speed ratio, draw up the necessary documents, inform you about the location of the goods, monitor the timeliness and quality of delivery, which will allow you, our valued customers, to save time on negotiations, optimize financial costs and reduce the workflow required to ensure international transportation.