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Oversized cargo passage

Oversized cargo transportation is associated with a number of potential risks. Weather conditions, the intensity of traffic along the route, the quality of the roadway, the dimensions of driveways, tunnels, overpasses, the characteristics of bridges, the presence of railway crossings, power lines and gas supply, as well as other engineering structures along the route,  are critical factors for the transportation. Therefore, professional and thorough preparation for such work is so necessary.

The preliminary survey of the route helps at the planning stage of transportation to obtain reliable and clear information about the existing obstacles along the route, to choose the right rolling stock to form a competitive rate for the transportation.

The employees of “Turksib Magistral” LLC using their own specialized vehicles will help you to pre-travel with the customer along the entire route of the upcoming cargo transportation and provide their detailed recommendations in the form of a report. The traffic situation is not static and can change at any moment. At any time, the previously selected route may not be passable, for example, due to unauthorized or unplanned repairs on roads, weather conditions, etc.  According to the current legislation, it is necessary to coordinate the route in advance with the authorized expert body of SJSC “Uzavtoyo’l” and obtain official permission for the transportation of oversized and / or heavy cargo.

The team of “Turksib Magistral” LLC will help you in preparing all the necessary documentation, drawings, filing an application for a permit for travel and its subsequent approval of the issued permit with the authorities of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, JSC “Uzbekenergo” and JSC “Uzbekistan Temir Yollari”. We carry out measurements of the dimensions of power lines at intersections with highways along the route of oversized cargo. The dimensions of power lines are determined using optical instruments in the daytime at the highest possible air temperature at the time of the survey.

The air temperature at the time of the survey is taken into account since this affects the value of ho (the lowest point of the wire to the ground).

Our team will coordinate for you short-term power outages with dispatch services and short-term dismantling/installation of lines if necessary.

“Turksib Magistral” LLC will help in organizing the construction of temporary roads, access and bypass roads, dirt roads to ensure the transportation of special cargoes, as well as organize the cutting of soil and asphalt to increase the passage distances under the spans of automobile bridges, overpasses, and upon completion of transportation, subsequent restoration of such a modified infrastructure.


Перевозки негабаритных грузов по железным дорогам

“Turksib Magistral” has its own specialized vehicles and trained personnel to escort oversized cargoes on cover machines. Oversized cargo escort by cover vehicles is relevant in cases when the escorted freight transport has the following characteristics:

  • the width of vehicles together with the transported cargo exceeds 3.5 meters;
  • a car as part of a road train has a total length of over 24 meters;
  • The team of “Turksib Magistral” LLC will help organize the escort of oversized cargo by the traffic police;
  • For assignment as an escort of the traffic police cars, a freight vehicle must have the following characteristics:
  • the width of vehicles is from 4 meters or more;
  • The total length of the road train exceeds a value of 30 meters.