One highway - a thousand routes

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Order trucking of your cargo in CARGO.UZ

Automobile cargo transportation holds a leading position in the transport segment and is the most popular method of logistics.

The market for trucking is forced to exist in conditions of great competition. But the best incentive for choosing will always be the experience of the company and its popularity in the market.

12 years of experience allows us to cover the wide geography of trucking. We have partnerships with more than 200 transport companies from the Eurasian continent that transport to and from Uzbekistan.

A team of experienced operators in a short time will be able to find you an available PBX ready to stand up to your load.

For over 10 years, we have mastered the recently demanded transportation of groupage cargoes. We organize sequential loading from several warehouses, we offer you to reduce the cost of delivery of your cargo. We use specialized warehouses for refilling and consolidation. They are located in Kaunas, Vilnius, Olomouc, Moscow, Samara and Minsk.

The cost of transporting goods by road depends directly on the distance between the points of departure and destination, the characteristics of the transporting goods (mass, type, etc.), and the list of services ordered. We will offer you affordable tariffs and find the best solution, so you can save on logistics without compromising the quality of delivery.

Want to know more about the service for the carriage of goods by road? Contact “Turksib Magistral” specialists by contact phone, via e-mail or on-line form on the site.