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Types of trucks


Board tilt semitrailer
The most common type of trucks. Suitable for most types of cargo transportation. Removable awning semitrailer allows you to boot from the top, side and rear.
Load capacity: from 20 to 25 tons.
Useful volume: from 60 to 92 m3
The standard and most common machines are machines with capacity of 20 tons and 82 m3 refrigerator



Usually used to transport food and goods requiring special temperature conditions during transport. As a rule, refrigerators can maintain the desired temperature from 12 C to - 20 C.
Load capacity: from 12 to 22 tons.
Useful volume: from 60 to 92 m3.
Operation refrigerators more common types of machines by 10-30% due to the continuous operation of the refrigerator.



It is used for transportation of goods resistant to external influences, such as container, concrete blocks, floors, building construction, etc.Can also be used for the transport of oversized cargo.
Load capacity: from 15 to 25 tons.